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Pit Bull Stands for Motorcycles

Every motorcycle owner should have a motorcycle stand for their bike. We recommend Pit Bull Stands as the best motorcycle stands in North America. Types include Pit Bull Standard Rear stand, Hybrid Head lift front stands, forklift converters, pit crew tire wedges and more.

Pit Bull stands offers great leverage and stability and the ball bearing head makes it easy to spin the wheel for cleaning and maintenance. Very durable, shiny and will last decades if not crushed. Installation is easy as they all come with instructions. Some have spools and you will need to find the right motorcycle stand for your particular bike. Most pit bill stands also require pins which have their own name and used for certain bike models and years.

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Before you leave, let me tell you a story about my motorcycle. For 6 months I had it in the garage using the kick stand. Well, after 8 months of cold canadian winter, the motorcycle tires started to warp. They started to warp because it was on the cold cement, leaned over, causing the tires to warp. If I used a motorcycle stand that lifts the tires off the cement, this issue would not happen. In conclusion, purchase motorcycle stands that lift the tires off the ground for great winter storage.


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