Blush Sola Egg Wellness Set

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Height: 10.500
Length: 6.500
Diameter: 4.000
The Sola Egg Massager uses pressure sense technology to deliver powerful vibrations. The more pressure applied, the stronger and faster the vibration. The Sola Egg’s flexible massage head meets your every contour, and its lock function captures just the right vibrations speed. The Sola Egg comes complete with its own charging dock. Simply pop Egg into the dock and recharge. Egg also features a charging light indicator. While charging Egg will pulse soft white light. When fully charged Egg with glow a steady white light. The Sola Egg is lightweight, travel friendly, and is 100% waterproof, so you can take it anywhere you like! Egg’s massage attachments are made from premium silicone with a smooth satin finish. Includes two sleeves, Swedish sleeve, and Shiatsu sleeve.

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