Frisky Finger Unisex Stimulator – Red

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Color: Red
Height: 7.750
Length: 5.000
Diameter: 1.000
The Frisky Finger from BMS goes wherever a finger goes, whether you nestle its nubbed tip next to your hottest spot or let your lover tuck it inside to stroke your G-spot. Great for solo use and partner sex. This splashy waterproof vibe slides discreetly on one finger and is made of clear, pliable jelly rubber with a textured finish. Use the cushiony tip for direct clit stimulation. Waterproof and perfect for hot tub romps and partnered showers. Length: 1.5″ to finger hole, 3″ full; width: .5″ -.75″; powered by: 3 cell batteries, included for your convenience.

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